Open Floor Plans

The current trend among homebuyers is open-concept floor plans. While this way of living has its major upsides, you may want to consider whether it’s truly the right concept for you. Let A2B Contractors help you weigh the pros and cons and see if an open floor plan is a contender for your home.

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Many older homes have withstood temperature changes over time

Many older homes have withstood temperature changes over time; this brings moisture to the plaster. As such, if your walls show dampness, peeling, brown stains or deformities, a repair is required.
There are also instances of cracking on the surface; this is usual for old plaster walls. Larger cracks particularly those around the door frames or windows should be referred to experts since it might be a sign of that structural damage is occurring to the house. Call A2B Contractors today for your FREE inspection and estimate!

Summer is coming… Need deck work?

Thinking about adding a new deck for the summer? Maybe you have an existing deck you
would like to renovate?
Let A2B Contractors help you! No project is too big or too small. Let our team of professionals
give your home a fresh new look. We can help you create the perfect space for entertaining
guests or give you your own quiet hideaway!
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The wood floors in your home can enhance or detract from your home’s value. Whether you’ve just pulled up old carpet to reveal original flooring or it’s time to refinish the well-worn and well-loved hardwoods you’ve used and abused, you don’t have to do the work yourself. Hiring the right person to do the job can be as much of a headache as doing the physical labor yourself. Ensure you hire the fastest and highest-quality contractors you can! We come to you and walk you through each step so you’re on the same page as us the entire project!


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Why hire a professional to do your tile work:

Even a small error in floor, wall, or bath tile can be an eyesore. One minutely mispositioned tile, for example, can throw off the pattern and grout line, making the goof glaring. Worse, fixing a botched tiling job is expensive, disruptive and messy, especially if water has seeped through the grout and ruined framing, ceilings and finished walls.

That’s why hiring a seasoned professional and making sure the job gets done right the first time are essential. What’s more, certain applications might call for specialty tile, edging, grout, adhesive and backerboard. These are best sorted out by an expert who knows what he’s doing.

Log Home Project

Here is a construction project of a log home built by Bryan Mann of A2B Contractors from start to finish.

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